On Saturday, December 7th, the iCons Alumni Network (iCAN) returned to UMass to host this years annual iCAN Get A Job! We had an excellent turnout of students and alumni!

Current students listened to how iCons Alumni have navigated applying to the workforce, medical school, and graduate school. We also got to hear a little about everyone’s career path (thus far) from both the Biosystems and Renewable Energy Tracks!

Presentations included guides on how to navigate applying the workforce, how to craft the iCons Certificate on your resume, and how our experiences align with the program. This included detailed presentations on the application process (and timeline) for medical school, graduate school‒to learning about accelerated leadership development programs in industry.

Keynote speaker John Zuris from Editas Medicine had an amazing presentation on his career path in biopharma and the unique opportunities and challenges he faced in making a name for himself in industry.

Overall, I commend everyone for their hard work and dedication and I look forward to seeing everyone at our next iCAN event - iCons Survival Guide, on Saturday March 7th, 2020!